Together We Reach Your Goals

Our Priority 

Our Priority is to exceed the expectations of our clients and candidates by providing dedicated support throughout the recruiting journey. 

We are relentless in our focus on defining what success looks like at the inception of each engagement and are committed to delivering an outstanding outcome for our clients and candidates. 

We build relationships grounded in trust, empathy and integrity and we make ourselves fully available to support your goals and needs.

Our Solutions

Our Solutions encompass the full range of recruiting and consulting services including:

  • Talent Management Strategy

  • Organizational Design

  • Talent Mapping 

  • Executive Search 

  • Professional Recruitment

  • Interim Placement 

  • Onboarding Support

  • Recruitment Process Design

  • Candidate Coaching & Search Strategy

  • Resume Critique & Optimization

Our Team

We bring over 25 years of experience in line management, consulting and executive search to deliver impactful human capital solutions across a wide range of industries.


We have completed searches at all levels from Brand Manager to CEO for a variety of global organizations including private-equity backed startups to Fortune 100 companies.


Our expertise encompasses rigorous sourcing tools, state-of-the art talent assessment techniques and expert consultation capabilities.

Our Philosphy

We provide a unique solution to a critical problem, specifically that hiring and retaining top talent is more difficult now than it’s ever been. Most companies choose between two traditional search models: retained or contingency. The issue with most retained search firms is simple: signing new search work is their primary objective; successfully executing existing search work is only a secondary objective. They will certainly try to fill the search but if they fail they will still be paid two-thirds of the total fee (after only 60 days) and they will still have plenty of new clients and new search work coming in since signing NEW search work is their primary objective.

When companies go through the pain of having a critical position open for an extended period of time they will have paid $100k+ to the firm that failed on the search and then might try a contingency recruiter. The problem with most contingency recruiters is that they tend to work with a lot of different companies many different positions without ever really getting to know their clients and what makes them special and unique. The uninspiring messaging they share with the candidate community on behalf of their clients often does more harm than good and pouring through dozens of resumes is a waste of your time. 

Our team is dedicated to providing a unique  alternative to the traditional search models that is 100% focused on a successful outcome, even if it’s at the expense of signing new searches. We offer flexible fee structures that ensure the highest likelihood of a successful hire. Most importantly, we pride ourselves on partnering so effectively with our clients that we become an extension of your organization and help to build your brand within the candidate community. We believe that executing a search is about far more than just making a successful’s about building great PR for our clients and representing you in an innovative and ethical way.