Our Approach



We only manage a select number of projects at once in order to devote the maximum level of resources to each search with the goal of presenting a first slate within 2 weeks. 


Unlike most retained search firms which typically quote search completion timing between 90 and 120 days, most of our searches result in a candidate offer within 60 days.

This is due to our agility and our relentless focus on delivering the very best prospects for your role as quickly as possible while also ensuring that each candidate feels engaged, valued and supported regarding the role. 



We work with clients and candidates across all core leadership functions, including C-Suite and Vice President positions in the following areas: General Management, Operations, Finance, Sales & Marketing, Technology (including IoT), Legal, Advanced Analytics, Product Management, and Design. We also offer support for recruiting full teams.

From an industry standpoint, we have extensive experience in Apparel & Sporting Goods, Consumer Goods, Electronics, Food & Beverage, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Industry Organizations, Manufacturing, Retail, Restaurant/Hotel/Travel and Technology. 

What We Will Do
  • Spend time understanding your culture, your company's unique attributes and together identifying the profile of the ideal candidate

  • Present qualified candidates who fit your unique specifications and are prepared to accept the position within the established compensation range

  • Work with you and each candidate to schedule interviews, arrange travel, coordinate relocation and whatever else is needed to create an outstanding experience for everyone involved 

  • Periodically follow-up with you and our placement after the start date to ensure that everyone is fully satisfied

  • Buy / Use and promote your brands, products and/or services !


Focused outreach: We approach each prospective candidate in a compelling and personalized manner to maximize our ability to engage top talent. We will never blanket a broad audience with generic messages but instead will be very targeted and purposeful.


Assessment & Engagement:  Our interactions with candidates balance assessment with engagement. We assess each candidate in terms of their overall fit while also presenting the opportunity and your organization in an objective but engaging manner.

Candidate Presentation: We will only present who are most closely aligned with your priorities for the role as demonstrated by their individual matrix ratings and our evaluation of overall fit. 



To demonstrate alignment with our client’s best interests, our fee and payment structure are performance based and designed to reflect the value of our projected efforts and investment in each search project. 

No matter your industry or where you are located, we are fully committed to delivering high-quality and transformational leaders with the functional, cultural and organizational leadership strengths needed to drive your business into the future

What We Will Not Do
  • Flood your inbox with resumes of everyone we find and hope they get hired

  • "Post and Pray" in hopes that our job post yields a promising candidate

  • Start your search but then spend most of our energy selling new searches to other clients

  • Limit our candidate pool because of "off limits" restrictions 

  • Try to convince you to hire a candidate just to get the search completed so that we can move on to other searches

  • Ask for full payment within 90 days regardless if we have a successful hire